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Club Papers
My Baby Loves to Jive Jive Jive
Simply Business
Jive Cake Stuffin'
Jive Up
I'm Kinda High
Viper's Ball
Jive Up Mama
Reefer Blues
You Get Me Too High
Cool Out
Prince of Pot
Smokin' What We Want For Christmas

Lyrics to Simply Business

When Marc Emery can be free
to run his business and sell his seeds
it's just a plant, it's just a weed
another victim of corporate greed

it's simply business, it's simply business
it's simply business you know why they won't let us grow
it's simply business

we burn the oil and cut the trees
while the captains of industry
they run a big monopoly
on everything but the birds and bees

herb has the fibre food and fuel
you heat it up, it makes you cool
illegal brownies oh my, my!
it makes you laugh and makes me cry

it's a medicine for many ills
it's cheap and safer than all those pills
it's in the bible Genesis 1:29
it's all so simple it repels the mind

all the wars in the world you see
they're shooting guns from a factory
it makes a job but it makes no sense
to give the peace when you can sell defence


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Tall Brothers are:
William E. Small: lead vocals and guitar
Thomas G. Small: bass, b.g. vocal and percussion

Eloi Bertholet: drums
Maurice Garceau: tenor saxophone and clarinet
Roger Walls.com: trumpet, coronet and flugelhorn
Edgar Romero: bongos, and latin percussion
Martin Romero: congas and latin percussion
Dawn Pemberton and Christine Best: b.g. vocals
Steve Hilliam: tenor sax
Shael Wrinch: recorded percussion and female b.g. vocals

© 2009 Tall Brothers