Tall Brothers


The Tall Brothers are the global award-winning reefer jazz band based in Vancouver. They are Bill and Tom Small, actual brothers who grew up in a musically-gifted farm family in southwest Ontario. Their father was 5 when he began performing out of town one-nighters in a child prodigy duo with his sister and their mother was a young Debussy fan who learned Clair de la Lune by ear off radio. Six siblings were musical from an early age.

Bill led 70’s rock bands in his early teens and jazz bands with horn sections soon after. He married young, had kids, and very quickly sold a hundred-million-dollars in real estate until work related stress and life-threatening ulcers forced him to re-evaluate the meaning of life. He divested all of his real estate holdings and became a Red Cross director then formed a bluegrass band with brother Tommy and started gigging solo in Montreal clubs honing formidable jazz vocal and guitar chops.

Upon discovering that cannabis had cured his ulcers, Bill moved to Vancouver and launched the British Columbia Compassion Club Society with Hillary Black initially operating out of his apartment. Since May 1st 1997 the BCCCS is the first of many providers of low-cost, high quality organic medicinal cannabis to anyone with a doctor’s prescription.

Tom began playing different instruments at age 5 and writing songs at 8. At 14 he was the main featured soloist in his high school jazz orchestra that took 1st place in the Canadian Stage Band Festival competition. He studied Music Industry Arts at Fanshawe College under the tutelage of producer Jack Richardson (Alice Cooper, all Guess Who, and mentor to Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd.))

Tom pursued private music study with money earned from audio engineering and performing and busked/traveled/played in many genres of music. He is a founding member of Montreal jazz/bop/lounge institution Swing Dynamique. This group featured two but as many as five Duke Ellington alumni at once and boasts 60 former alumni including the legendary Guy Nadon on drums. They played for crowds of up to 250 000 people at the Montreal Jazz Fest and their self-titled CD still receives commercial airplay.

Tom moved to BC’s Sunshine Coast in 2002 to join Bill and the Tall Brothers were deployed to satisfy a growing niche market spinning off of BC’s famous seven billion dollar-a-year industry. He wasted no time writing up charts for three sets of 30’s and 40’s reefertunes gleaned from the archives of Cab Calloway, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole and many others.

The band moniker derives from one of these entitled “Man With the Jive” (“Light up baby and get real tall!”). Their own songs soon eclipsed these classics in quantity and perhaps in accesability too, updating the genre to address today’s heroes and issues for a younger generation while maintaining the sonorous bounce that turns grandma into a teenager again. Their fame spread internationally when they headlined the 2004 Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam and last September 2008 swept the Global Marijuana Music Awards in Texas. They continue to enjoy success with song licensing deals in TV, film, web- casting and their overnight internet sensation hit CD “Simply Business.”

"The Tall Brothers will let you time-travel into the past and the future with them. They invite you to explain why their smooth groove - rustic or sophisticated - makes scientists, judges, cops, stars, squares and hippies wanna just jive, jive, jive-up, baby!"
- J. Scott Wilson


Thomas G. Small and William E. Small

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